About Us

About Us

Starting in the mid of 1997, ASEAN countries were hit by economic regional crisis due to depreciation against US dollar. Indonesia is the most heavily affected country among all countries in Asia. The crisis has reached various fields like politics, moral, education, science-technology, culture and religion. Multidisciplinary approach  to handle crisis was not really much probably because the strong sectoral egoism. In response to the developing crisis, some youths of the nation with strong determination went hand in hand and got encouraged to contribute energy and thought to do social actions across the country.

As a follow-up, they then initiated public care entity which can move systematically. On December 10, 1999, a non-governmental organization named PKPU was formed as a foundation legal entity. PKPU is declared as an institution engaged in social field.

On October 8, 2001, based on the decree (SK) of Religious Minister No 441 PKPU has been recognized as the National Alms Agency (LAZNAS). It proves huge public trust to PKPU.

As the social activities can reach a wider scope to the entire Indonesia and more encouragement from public to cooperate in empowering the nation, in 2004, PKPU was determined to build the independence of Indonesia by expanding its work scope as a National Humanitarian Institution.

The performance of PKPU as humanitarian activist is clearly seen in its participation along with international NGOs in handling disaster emergency situation and reconstruction phase of disasters which hit the country like earthquake and tsunami in Aceh, Yogyakarta and many others.

As an institution which is getting strong in handling global humanitarian issues, work standardization and program development has motivated PKPU to put forward the quality of program and service by producing solutive contribution for people. The demand is answered by the acceptance of PKPU as ”NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations” on July 21, 2008, which demands periodic humanitarian performance accountability as the consequence of the status. In 2010, PKPU has been also registered as the National Social Organization based on the decree of Social Minister of Republic of Indonesia No 08/Huk/2010.