About Us

Our Activities

Fund Raising and Social Aid

  1. CSR fund
  2. Special Fund for humanitarian disaster
  3. Clothes, sembako (nine main commodities) and medicine.
  4. Kurban (sacrifice) fund on Islamic Sacrifice Day (Idul Adha)

Humanitarian Rescue Mission

  1. Natural disaster and humanitarian areas
  2. Critical and minus areas

Humanitarian Rehabilitation

  1. Rehabilitation of health and clean water facilities
  2. Rehabilitation of educational facilities
  3. Rehabilitation of prayer facilities
  4. Rehabilitation of economic facilities

Community Development

  1. People’s economic empowerment
  2. Alternative education
  3. Independent medical service establishment
  4. Distribution of kurban animals

We dedicate all of the activities to all Indonesian people for togetherness.

Encouraging Conscience Spreading Care

Encouraging conscience of anyone, anywhere and anytime. Caring about others in the real religious activities, “because the best of us is the one who give the biggest contribution for others”.