Donation Guide

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Thanks to donors who joined forces to work together to spread the matter.

God willing, we will always provide services to support the pleasure of worship are wrapped with care. Here are the services that we present:

  1. Transfer via ATM
  2. Donating more secure and fast with transfer via ATM in the entire network (ATM Bersama, ATM BCA, ALTO, Cirrus, Maestro, Link) .Here is a list of accounts click here

  3. Donation Pick (Free of Charge)
  4. Whenever and wherever our officers siapmenjalankan noble mandate to help you give charity, infaq and shodaqoh. Please use the quick access service donations or through the call center at (021) 70607578 / 08041002000.atau click here

  5. cash deposit
  6. The Donors can choose cash deposit services through a network:

    • Network Branch Office and Cash Office PKPU:
      Let bersilaturahim to our office, & lt; click here
    • Regular PKPU outletThe following PKPU outlets which can be visited, (scheduled to open outlet end of the 25th month s / d date 5 at the beginning of the month). List of Store & lt; Click here
    • cash deposit through BankThe Donors can donate through the Bank’s branch offices throughout Indonesia and to write news in the form of banks (news: Name Donors, phone number & amp; destination donation) or if it does not write the news can fill out a form confirming & lt; Click here
    • Confirm Service DonationConfirmation donations necessary for donors can easily obtain reports on the activities that have been disalurkan.Para donation Donors can select one channel service our confirmation below:

      Send SMS to 0815 1199 7578

    • Online Reports
    • Please download a recap of your donation by clicking on donor login or click here ……. If not successful accessing recap recap your donation or donation does not correspond to the actual amount, please contact our customer relations through donations confirmation services