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111 Orphans Get New Clothes from PKPU Human Initiative

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Cheerfulness was written on the faces of orphans who joined new clothes program of PKPU Human Inititive Bengkulu on Wednesday (21/6). A total of 111 orphans felt the happiness in the program held at Muda Mudi Fashion store in Bengkulu at 08.00 am West Indonesia Time (WIB).

The event is supported by SD IT Khoiru Ummah Integrated Islamic Elementary School, KPP Pratama tax office, Muda Mudi Fashion store and retail donation (PKPU HI donors). The event aims to share with orphans in the month of Ramadhan 1438 H.

On the sidelines of the event, the children were asked “Have you joined new clothes for orphans program in the market??” “Not yet” they answered altogether. The participants are orphans from Benteng (Bengkulu Tengah), Seluma and Kota Bengkulu. Besides, the children thanked the donors for participating in the program. “Thank you donors, thank you PKPU. PKPU rocks!” they said altogether after buying new clothes.

According to Tuti Srikantun as the head of PKPU HI Bengkulu Empowerment Division, this program is part of Ramadhan PKPU program in 2017 (1438 H). “The participants get shopping voucher to buy any new clothes they want,” he explained.

To donors who would like to participate in various humanitarian programs, please contact PKPU HI Bengkulu on Jl. Merapi Raya No.92 Panorama Kota Bengkulu (0736) 26425 and WA (0822 8055 2886) or tranfer your donation to Muamalat bank account (431.00.17.180) on behalf of PKPU Bengkulu. (Erlisa/Gie/PKPU_HI).

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