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PKPU Human Initiative Invites Unfortunate Orphans to Shop Together

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Semarang – PKPU Human Initiative of Central Java invited unfortunate orphans to buy their needs on Wednesday (21/6). The event which is packed in a program called Shopping with Orphans (BBY) carried the theme “Ramadan with Orphans”. It was held at Transmart Setiabudi Semarang and Carrefour DP Mall Pemuda Semarang. This program was participated in by 100 orphans at the age of elementary to junior high school from the city of Semarang.

Shopping with Orphans is part of a program Together with Orphans by PKPU HI Central Java in the month of Ramadan. In addition, other programs include New Clothes for Orphans, Breaking the Fast with Orphans and Sharing Packages with Orphans. This program is cooperation between PKPU HI Central Java and several partners including Yayasan Mardi Waluyo foundation, MTT (Majelis Taklim Telkomsel—Islamic study group of Telkomsel telecommunication firm) and Transmart Setiabudi Semarang. This program is also held in Purwokerto and Tegal.

Head of PKPU HI Central Java, Miftahul Surur said in his speech that this program is mandate from donors and partners who want to share happiness with orphans and the unfortunate ahead of Eid festivity. This program is also education for the unfortunate orphans.

“This program is mandate from donors and partners from Yayasan Mardi Waluyo foundation, MTT (Majelis Taklim Telkomsel) and Transmart. Thank you for the trust and support. May it will bring blessings for us, for the donors and the partners. This program is also education for the orphans to manage and choose priority needs to buy, not the ones they want,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Kastri from Yayasan Mardi Waluyoi foundation showed her happiness and appreciation to this program.

“We would like to thank PKPU for involving us to make the orphans happy. We are so happy because through this program we can share happiness,” she revealed.

Mardiyanto, who represented MTT Telkomsel, reminded the orphans to shop according to their needs. He also asked them to pray for the employees of PT Telkomsel.

“We remind you to buy things based on what you need. We also would like to ask for prayer from all of you, prayer for the employees of Telkomsel to get blessings and easiness in working because this fund is from the employees of PT Telkomsel,” he hoped.

Happy faces with laughter were seen in the orphans when the event started, especially when they were looking for things to buy.

One of the orphans named Ilham shared his happiness.

“I bought school needs. I also bought things for my family at home. They must be so happy,” he said as if he represented the feeling of other orphans who joined this event. (Aan/Gie/PKPU_HI)

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