This program aims to increase the number of students at schools, especially students with good performance. Bea-STAR program consists of education fund and guidance for students. This program also shapes students to have high-ranking characters like honest, responsible, caring, discipline, confident and brave.

beastuti muda

High-Ranking Scholarship is program to give scholarships, guidance and training students to university students from unfortunate families. This program aims to create human resources who are high-ranking in attitude, intellectuality and social intelligence that they can improve the quality of other human resources by playing roles in society. Participants of this program will take part in mentoring, soft skills training, figures visit and knowledge implementation through social activities to improve their competence and get development in the aforementioned three elements.

This program aims to increase the number of students at schools through school equipment aid in the form of shoes, bags, stationery and school uniforms. Education fee for unfortunate students is expected to be able to reduce through this program.

bedah sekolah

School Renovation is construction or renovation of damaged classrooms. School Renovation consists of 2 types, major renovation and minor renovation. Besides class construction or renovation, this program also provides facilities to support learning process like chairs and tables.

guru inspiratif

INSPIRING Teachers Training is an effort to improve the quality of teachers in Indonesia. Teacher as the spearhead of education process becomes a priority element that needs quality improvement. Curriculums and other supporting tools will not talk much if the quality of teachers does not improve.